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The Neapolitan Underground Film Forum creates alternative venue for people to come together and discuss film. I believe that film is the most important form of artistic expression and art, in any form, should be discussed.We are slowly introducing the idea to build interest up, and we’ve been selecting more accessible cult films that the average moviegoer may not be familiar with.

This month, we’ll be discussing Stuart Gordon’s 1985 cult classic Re-Animator, which blends humor into the 1922 Lovecraft tale, this is a perfect example of the modern Grand Guignol genre. With the camp and gore that is to be expected from an 80′s horror, Re- Animator should provide a most entertaining viewing experience for anyone.

We’re meeting up at 7:30pm to get into the Halloween spirit before Friday Night’s festivities really take off. So get into character with this film forum before you go out and terrorize the town.

Film Forum Recap (July 13th, 2014)

Marty Walsh’s brain child came to fruition on July 13th, 2014–marking a first ever foray into motion pictures by our humble organization. The film forum, with an “aim is to promote discussion throughout the community by bringing individuals together to watch movies”, was extremely successful. Nearly forty people got together for the sake of film and helped to cultivate a community in which media is presented and discussed. In addition, Marty Walsh screen printed posters that went home with everybody, in addition to popcorn bags that were hand stamped by a pattern hand carved into woodblock by Mike Rhodes.

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