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Bill D’Antuono Recap (May 17th, 2014)

Bill D’Antuono was invited to speak this past weekend at the Neapolitan Underground admin center, bringing inquiring minds out for a lecture surrounding Bill’s experience with the lion fish, local/state government, and local/national media. Afterwards,  Bill served up some of his fried fish to people who stayed around–after the pictures and Q&A.

In 2014, an infamous evasive species first made its way to the shores of Southwest Florida and into the vernacular of concerned ecologists and community members alike. Known for its destructive behavior and lack of natural predators, the Lionfish is as beautiful as it is menacing. Bill D’Antuono, an area hobbyist with a knack for spearfishing had a commonsense solution; however, due to Florida state law, was viewed by authorities as a rogue agent seeking to undermine civil society and join the ranks of criminals and ecoterrorists.

At the crossroads of the age-old ethical dilemma of ‘doing what is right’ and ‘obeying the law’, instead of taking the law into his own hands, Bill D’Antuono took his own hands into the law. In the vein of ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’, Mr. D’Antuono led a crusade against mindless government bureaucracy, outdated and grandfathered legislation, and ‘the man’, himself; all in order to secure life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—for himself, our community, and generations to follow. Bill D’Antuono fought the law and won.

Bill D’Antuono has traveled from the halls of Barron Collier High School to the halls of the State House, and has been recognized by national media outlets, ecologists, conservationists, and Second Amendment supporters for his tireless work in standing up for individual liberty and the protection of our coral reefs and sensitive ocean wildlife. Recently nominated “Person of the Year” by the Naples Daily News, Mr. D’Antuono continues his outreach efforts by speaking with us about his journey from local fisherman to legislative mover and shaker.

Sponsored by Neapolitan Underground and the Naples Spearfishing League

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